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Zoe Chan

Licensee Salesperson

Zoe was drawn to the world of real estate by the industry's versatility and the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of individuals. Zoe describes herself as someone who is open, honest, and always ready to face challenges head-on. Her willingness to confront difficulties and her transparent communication style make her a trustworthy and reliable real estate professional.

In Zoe's opinion, a great real estate agent embodies qualities such as integrity, being well-informed about the market, and possessing adept negotiation skills. She believes that these attributes are crucial for building trust with clients and ensuring successful transactions.

Working alongside senior team member Hara Jeng as Sales Associate, Zoe has a strategic approach to her first year in the team. She plans to immerse herself in the industry by learning from Hara and actively participating in various projects. Zoe recognizes the value of networking and aims to expand her connections within the real estate community.

Zoe was attracted to Ray White Eastern Group because of the support offered by the management team and the highly systematic environment. She values the structure and guidance provided, which she believes will contribute to her success as a real estate professional.

Outside of the real estate realm, Zoe enjoys hiking and unwinding with a good movie accompanied by a refreshing bubble tea. Her interests reflect a balance between an active outdoor lifestyle and moments of relaxation.

Zoe's commitment to personal growth, her dedication to learning from experienced professionals, and her alignment with the values of Ray White Eastern Group make her a promising addition to the real estate team. Her transparent communication style and willingness to take on challenges position her as a trustworthy and reliable real estate salesperson.

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