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Jack Brabant

Group Head of Operations

With an expansive and successful career in real estate dating back to 2008, Jack Brabant heads up the operations for Ray White Eastern Group. As a licensed Branch Manager and an experienced recruitment specialist, Jack has a proven skillset in the areas of compliance, sales and negotiation, problem solving, recruitment and coaching/training. Above all, though, it’s his genuine interest in people and their success that makes him a standout performer in the real estate industry.

“As support to the business owner Anton Huang I work alongside the leadership team on developing new ideas and innovative ways to build on the business's existing performance and success.”

As an experienced recruiter, Jack has implemented strategies and set goals around finding and attracting new talent to join the company, and is looking forward to helping get the right people to join the team – people who genuinely believe Ray White Eastern Group will be able to successfully grow their businesses.

Ray White Eastern Group constantly and actively seeks feedback from its salespeople – specifically around customer satisfaction and service improvement – and one of Jack’s primary objectives is to help achieve outstanding results in these areas.

“I always wanted to have a career that involves making important decisions. A real estate decision is typically one of the most important anyone makes in their lifetime. Being able to provide a solution and a positive outcome for people in this situation is what motivates me. As someone who is interested in people, and who has a genuine admiration for real estate salespeople on the front line, I am motivated by assisting in their success.”