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Holly LuEnglish

Licensee Salesperson

Holly has been residing in the East Auckland for a decade now, dedicating the majority of her time to full-time parenting. Prior to her relocation to New Zealand, she spent seven years working in the Accounts department at Hewlett-Packard China, followed by another year as an accountant in Singapore. Upon immigrating to New Zealand, she collaborated with her husband in establishing a retail business chain – Nutrition Store, where she assumed responsibilities for customer service, internal communication, and personnel management. During her leisure hours, Holly enjoys playing badminton and frequenting the gym.

With a decade-long residence in New Zealand and a diverse professional background, Holly has recently transitioned into the Real Estate Agent. Her intrinsic ability and passion for interpersonal connections motivated this shift. As a real estate agent, Holly leverages her adept communication skills and managerial experience to provide exceptional service to her clients. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a property, Holly stands as your premier choice, committed to going above and beyond to fulfill your aspirations.

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