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2022/2023 - Executive Performer Ray White

Hara Jeng is an accomplished Real Estate professional known for her unwavering passion and extensive background in customer service. With fluency in both English and Korean, she possesses a unique ability to bridge cultural gaps and facilitate successful outcomes for her clients. Hara's proactive approach and organisational skills set her apart in the industry.

Having honed her skills through diverse experiences, Hara's journey began with teaching English in Korea and continued as a Client Consultant at Louis Vuitton in Auckland, New Zealand. These roles not only reinforced her commitment to exceptional service but also provided her with valuable training in understanding and meeting the needs of diverse clientele.

Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Speaking, Hara brings a depth of knowledge and a love for cultural exchange. Her proficiency in playing musical instruments such as the Violin and Piano further demonstrates her dedication to cultivating well-rounded skills and fostering creativity.

As a bilingual professional, Hara seamlessly navigates between different customs and possesses a solid understanding of the business psyche of both Eastern and Western cultures. This expertise grants her a significant advantage in delivering tailored solutions and facilitating successful transactions for her clients.

Hara's client-centric approach is characterized by her belief in the power of accurate information for making informed decisions. Whether working with sellers or buyers, she is committed to providing the right knowledge, care, and patience to ensure the perfect match between individuals and their ideal properties.

Driven by a strong work ethic and a desire to exceed expectations, Hara's commitment to her clients is unwavering. She understands that each client is unique, and she adapts her services to meet their individual needs. Whether it requires swift action or a more patient approach, Hara is dedicated to delivering a personalized and exceptional real estate experience.

If you are looking to sell or purchase a property, don't hesitate to contact Hara Jeng for a consultation. With her expertise, professionalism, and unwavering dedication, she is well-equipped to guide you through your next real estate journey and ensure a successful outcome.


  • 2022/2023 - Executive Performer
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