A bit about me  -  Greg has spent numerous years as a Manager in the logistics industry as well as owning a number of successful businesses. Bringing together his sales, marketing and operational knowledge to make things happen. Planning is key to any strategy and Greg is happy to sit down with you to detail the steps for you to achieve your property goals. 

Greg works as part of a Team with TEAM RAOS. If you would like individual service with the back up of a high performing team give him a call.

This Week  - A busy week and with the short weeks it has been hard to fit everything in. Great evening Monday at the Auctions but unfortunately we only have conditional interest in our lisitng at 202B Mellons Bay which we are working through with the buyers. If you have any interest please call me immediately.  Give me a call if I can assist or if you would like regular updates, let me know and we will add you to our weekly email.

Monday I phone clients who came through open homes in the weekend. Worked through lists of buyers that have been looking at properties to see if we can suggest other properties we have seen or assist them with buying properties they would like to purchase. Please remember that we work on commission so if you find me helpful and you see a house you would like to view please call me first and if I arrange the viewing and if you buy it I might be able to get a small percentage of the listing agents fee. A lot of IF's but Thank you in advance

Tuesday, We have our area meeting with all the staff from the 6 offices of the Mountfort Group and then we all caravan the new properties to the market. (The caravan is where all agents have the opportunity to go through properties just listed). I go through my prefered clients list to match up to any listings suitable for them. We also have our Office Meeting in the afternoon where we go through the new listings, the properties we viewed on the caravan and general discussions on the market and any Real Estate news. If you would like to discuss your property hunt please give me a call.

Wednesday I work on finishing the buyer callbacks that I have only left messages with and who have not come back to me. I also follow up with buyers that have shown interest in properties to see if they require any more information. I also send out comparable properties to buyers who have told us they have no further interest in this particular property but are still looking for something else. 

Thursday - Happy Waitangi Day everyone

Friday - Today I do a few emails and phone calls but trying not to do too much today. 

Saturdays and Sundays are all about open homes, either sending clients to other agents open homes and doing my own. Are you tired of getting multiple calls from agents? Call me about the open home you would like to go to and I will preregister your viewing. Hope you are all having a great week. If you are thinking of selling I would be happy to come and give you a no-obligation market appraisal on your property. Please feel free to drop in and we can discuss how you can purchase your next home. 

See you there and please do not hesitate to call me on 027 5473402 if you have any questions or need any help with your property hunt. 

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are back from a family trip to visit friends in Boston. We had a fantastic time catching up with them and sightseeing around Boston and West Dover, Vermont. Amazing architecture in Boston and stunning countryside in Vermont. Really enjoyed the US and was great to be shown around by locals. 

My mission for clients

My main aim when helping clients is to make your property transaction as easy, smooth and understandable as possible. Please call me to discuss your specific requirements and we can build a personal plan for you. If you would like to follow me I post regularly on Facebook and other Social Media. 

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