Kim ShenTeam Raos

Licensee Salesperson

Recognized for Kim Shen's open and honest approach, no stone goes unturned by Kim who is constantly striving for the best outcome for all she has the pleasure to work with, whilst maintaining a realistic approach.  High levels of motivation, perseverance and dedication combined with an overalll positive outlook ensures that customer satisfaction levels continue to reach the highest of expectations.

She has a strong focus on integrity and relationships with feedback outlining how appreciative clients are that she is consisitently availalbe when it counts, day or night, making her stellar service second to none.

Her goals she has for herself and the business include:

  • Providing the best advice to cleints on how to maximise transaction outcomes.
  • Ensuring the marketing is of the highest standard
  • Providing prompt first class service to both sellers and buyers with honesty and integrity
  • Commuicate with solicitors, accountants and all related parties when necessary
  • Working smarter, harder and to enjoy what she does
  • Keeping all parties informed as to progress
  • Using her negotiating skills to achieve a successful outcome